Performance Management Associates, Pasadena, California
Since 1991, Performance Management Associates (PMA) has provided executive coaching and organizational development consulting and training for businesses of all types and sizes across the U.S.

Founding Managing Director, James Graves, PhD (read more about
Dr. Graves)
, has guided his firm into the 21st Century to help companies optimize their leadership and organizational effectiveness through the following types of services:
Strategies for Excellence in Leadership

  • Optimal performance coaching to enhance the leadership skills
    and behaviors of valued more
  • Derailment prevention coaching of valued managers/executives whose skill set has a coachable more
  • On-boarding coaching of senior managers/executives to refine
    the leadership skills and behaviors needed for a new, more challenging more
  • Bench strength development coaching to prepare managers
    and junior executives for future more

"Certain CEO qualities do matter...
the ability to build relationships at all levels of the organization
and to inspire the rest of the management team to do the same"

Nitin Nohria, et al
Harvard Business Review

"I have personally worked with Jim on a number of senior leaders that report to me and in every instance his work has exceeded my expectations. He has had some "difficult"; executives to get through to and has always been highly successful.

I would recommend Jim as a coach because of his genuine professional style with our executives. He works well with executives of all demographics and is non-threatening in his approach. In each case the leaders have opened up to him and have enjoyed the follow-up sessions even after some difficult conversations.

I would not hesitate to have Jim come into any workplace and know that you would get excellent professional expertise."

Senior Vice President - Administration


  • Healing dysfunctional and/or low morale work more
  • Consulting and training on managing organizational change more
  • Preventing workplace more
  • Developing the senior management more
  • Training supervisors and middle managers in leading
    and managing more
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